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Find here Subaru Forester parts – list of the best AC Compressors for your vehicle.

Subaru Forester is a popular SUV manufactured in Japan and Malazya since 1997. The model already have 5 generations of production as the last one is still in design.

The Subaru Forester Parts:

First generation (1997-2002)

1. 60-84612RK AC compressor

The first compressor is manufactured by BuyAutoParts. The compressor kit comes with (apart of the compressor body itslef) a repair kit which includes clutch, accumulator, drier, PAG oil and more.
The product can fit Subaru Forester 1997-2002, however, pay attention that for some trims, the AC compressor is not suitable. You can make it sure by using the Amazon’s “checkfit” tool on the product page.

 subaru forester ac compressor

Mnufactured byBuyAutoParts
FitSubaru Forester 1997-2002 check fit here
Dimensions17 pounds
13x11x15 inches
Included itemsClutch, accumulator, drier, sealing kit, PAG oil and more
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Subaru Forester Second generation (2002-2008)

1. 60-01779NA New
This AC compressor is made by BuyAutoParts as well. It comes only with Body (The AC compressor itself), clutch, pulley and coil. The product is very popular on Amazon, altough is a bit expensive. The compressor will fit Subaru Forester between the years 2002-2008, however, use the check fit” tool on Amazon to make sure it match your vehicles trim and engine.

subaru forester ac compressor

2. ESellSimple AC compressor
This compressor is supplied by a private saler. Usually I tend not to review products from unknown brands, but somtimes I do. The reason why I decided to review this compressor now, is because the price of the first compressor (the one by BuyAutoParts) is fairly high.
There’s no much information about this product. On the product page you can find all the matching vehicles, trims, engines, everything you need to know.

subaru forester ac compressor
 Subaru forester ac compressor
Manufactured ByBuyAutoPartsESellSimple
FitSubaru Forester 2002-2008 Check fit hereSubaru Forester 2002-2008 Check fit here
Dimensions7 x 8 x 11 inches
13 pounds
15 pounds
Included ItemsClutch pulley and coil-
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Third generation (2008-2013)

1. 60-02934NA New
Subaru Forester parts

The last compressor by BuyAutoParts fit all Subaru forester between the years 2008-2013. Use the Check fit tool to be sure that the compressor can fit your vehicle. The included items in the kit are clutch, pulley and coil. All new with 1 year warranty.

subaru forester ac compressor


Manufactured byBuyAutoParts
FitSubaru Forester 2008-2013 check fit here
Dimensions13 pounds
7x8x11 inches
Included itemsClutch pulley and coil
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