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Find here a suitable AC Compressor for you Mazda 6. 2002-2016, three generations of production

Mazda 6. One of the most popular mid-sized family cars during the last years. Manufactured all around the world, the Mazda 6 have already 3 generations of production. The first model has shown up in 2002, and the last in 2012. The model is selling very well world-wide, even though it had few bad accurrences when the company had to recall almost 1 millions vehicles because of a security failures.

The AC Compressors:

Mazda 6, Through all years of production, had two trims: i & s.
In this review every product fits to a spesific years range and trim:

First & second generation i trim (2002-2012)

1. 60-01919NA
mazda 6 ac compressor

The first AC compressor is by BuyAutoParts. The kit of the AC compressor includes only the body of the compressor, clutch, pulley & coil. That is a very basic kit, but the price is cheap in accordance with the kit’s included items.
The AC compressor will fit any i trim Mazda 6 between the years 2002-2012 (First two generations). However, please notice that for the first generation it would not fit a 5 speed automatic transaxle vehicle.
The product comes will oil on shipping, however, the manufacturer recommends to fill fresh oil before replacing the AC compressor.

mazda 6 ac compressor

Manufactured byBuyAutoParts
FitsMazda 6 2002-2012 i trim. Check fit here
Dimensions7 x 8 x 11 inches
15 pounds
Included itemsClutch, Pulley and coil
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First & second generations s trim (2002-2012)

2. 60-02013NA
Mazda 6 ac compressor
The next compressor is also manifactured by BuyAutoParts, and it’s very similar to the former product apart of one main difference. This AC compressor will only fit S trim vehicles. The good point however, is that unlike the former AC compressor, this one can fit all engines without exceptions.
If you feel confused, use the “Check fit” tool on Amazon product page.
The included items of the kit are the same (clutch, pulley and coil), however, this product weight 2 pounds more  than the i trim AC Compressor.

mazda 6 ac compressor

Manufactured byBuyAutoParts
FitsMazda 6 2002-2012, s trim. Check fit here
Dimensions17 pounds
7 x 8 x 11 inches
Incliuded items clutch, pulley and coil
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Third generation, all trims (2012-present)

3. 60-03234NA
Mazda 6 ac compressor
The last AC compressor is manufactured by BuyAutoParts as well. This AC compressor fits all trims and engines of the third and last generation of Mazda 6 (2012-present)
The kit comes with clutch, pulley and coil.

mazda 6 ac compressor
Manufactured byBuyAutoParts
FitsMazda 6 2012-present, all trims and engines.
Check fit here
Dimensions15 pounds
7 x 8 x 11 inches
Included itemsClutch, pulley and coil.
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