Mazda 3 AC Compressor 2008-2004 Comparison

Find here a complete comparison of the best AC compressors for your Mazda 3 first generation.

Mazda 3 is probably one of the most popular family vehicles, among the compact cars type. In 2014 the model set a record for the “fastest-selling” car after sold more then 4 million vehicles. The production of the model has began in 2003, and the model is currently manufactured in four different countries under the Japanese brand. The model has 3 different generations of prudoction. the last generation was released in 2014.

1.SCS/Frigette AC compressor

The first AC compressor by Comfort Auto but sold under the name of SCS/Frigette. Comfort Auto is one of the most popular companies for parts, and always commits for the highest quality. On Amazon’s satisfaction rate the product recieved 3.7 stars out of 5. Most of the bad reviews are from costumers who bought the compressor and it does not fit their vehicle. In order to avoid this discomfort, the product has a detailed table of the different models that the AC Compressor can fit with:

mazda 3 ac compressorYou can also use Amazon’s fit checker tool that you can find here.
In the kit you can find a clutch, pulley and coil. All included parts are already installed and available to use.

mazda 3 ac compressor


2. 60-01814NA AC Compressor

The next AC compressor by BuyAutoParts has a lot of similarities with the previous product. The additional parts are the same, there’s 1 year warranty as well, and Amazon’s rate is almost equal. Is there any different?  BuyAutoParts considered to be one of the leading companies for parts, but I don’t see any reason to take it into account.
mazda 3 ac compressor


3. 60-81160RK AC Compressor

The last AC Compressor is also by BuyAutoParts but I think that’s the leading product in this comparison so I saved it to the end. First of all, Amazon’s costumers rate is the highest with 4.2 stars out of 5. What really makes that product “perfect” as some reviews claim, is the additional kit. The kit covers probably everything you need in order to accomplish the replacement by yourself. Apart of clutch, pulley & coil, the kit contains also accumulator, drier, sealing kit, and PAG oil.
mazda 3 ac compressor


 mazda 3mazda 3mazda 3
Manufactured byBuyAutoPartsBuyAutoPartsComfort Auto
FitMazda 3 2004-2009
Check fit here
Mazda 3 2004-2009
check fit here
Mazda 3 2004-2009 Check fithere
Dimensions18.4 puonds
15.5x10.5x10.5 inches
16 pounds
12x8x8 inches
Included itemsClutch, pulley & coil
accumulator, drier, sealing kit, oil and more
Clutch pulley & coilClutch pulley & coil
PriceView price on AmazonView price on AmazonView price on Amazon

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