Hummer H1 AC compressor – Hummer H1 parts

A list of the best Hummer H1 AC compressors – Find a suitable compressor and buy online

Hummer H1 – based on the military four-wheel-vehicle “Humvee”, the Hummer H1 is the first model in the civil design for the military SUV. The production has started by General Motors in 1992, and has stopped at 2006 when the next model, the H2 was already lunched as well.

Hummer H1 parts – AC Compressors:

1. 20145C AC compressors
Hummer H1 parts

The first compressor is manufactured by UAC company which is pretty popular among car parts market. The compressor’s kit includes a clutch, pulley and coil. Shipping oil might be included too, but must be replaced with new oil before the use.
The Compressor fits also rear air conditioning system. You can ensure matching by using the “check fit” tool on the Amazon’s product page.

Hummer H1 Ac compressor

2. 60-00902NA AC compressor
Hummer H1 parts

The next AC compressor is manufactured by BuyAutoParts. BuyAutoParts is the leading comany in the car parts market, and all it’s products are guaranteed for the highest quality. The kit contains clutch, pulley and coil. 1 year warranty is included. Please check fit on the product page before purchasing.

Hummer H1 Ac compressor

3. Four Seasons 57947 AC compressor
Hummer H1 Parts

Four season is a very reputated parts company although it’s presence on Amazon is not as big. Consider that this part is remanufactured – it doesn’t necessarily means that quality is low, but it does affect the price and that’s pretty much the advantage of that part and the reason why I included it in the list. No much information is provided in the product page, but still make sure it fits your model by using the “check fit” tool you can find in the line below.

Hummer H1 Ac compressor

 Hummer H1 partsHummer H1 partsHummer H1 Parts
Product20145C 60-00902NA57947
Manufactured byUACBuyAutoPartsFour Seasons
FitHummer H1 Check fit hereHummer H1 Check fit hereHemmer H1 Check fit here
Dimensions8.9 x 7.1 x 9.1 inches
15.4 pounds
7 x 8 x 11 inches
16 pounds
11.4 x 7 x 7.8 inches
18 pounds
Included ItemsClutch pulley and coil. Shipping oil might be as well. Clutch pulley and coil-
Price rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">View price on AmazonView price on AmazonView price on Amazon

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