Honda CRV AC Compressor reviews

Find the best AC Compressor for five generations of Honda CRV

Honda CRV – one of the most popular vehicles in the US with almost half a milion sales on 2017. The model (Basically a SUV built on Honda Civic platform) is manufactured in Honda’s factories since 1995, and showed great popularity from the beginning. The forth generation, that was released in 2012, has doubd the sales of the model and set a new standart for this vehicle’s popularity.


Honda CRV

First generation 1995 – 2001
BuyAutoParts 60-80103RK New AC compressor

The 60-80103RK is nice and can fit other Honda models as well. It’s design and manufacturing has foucused on durability and long life. Another good feature of this product is the kit that comes with the AC compressor itself. In the kit you can find vehicle-specific o-ring seal kit, oil, accumulator and more.

honda crv ac compressor

Manufactured byBuyAutoPrice
fitHonda CRV 1995-2001
check fit here
Dimensions12.1 x 9.6 x 11.5 inches
16 pounds
Included items clutch,accumulator, receiver drier, expansion device ; Complete vehicle-specific o-ring seal kit ,PAG oil
Amazon stars3.7/5
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Second generation 2002 – 2006

Honda CRV ac compressor




The next AC compressor by Comfort Auto stands out for two things – One year warranty, and 5 stars on Amazon’s customer satisfication. On the other hand, not much is included besides the AC compressor itself.
honda crv ac compressor

Manufactured byCOMFORT AUTO
fitHonda CRV 2002-2006, all submodels, all engines. check fit here
Dimensions10x10x10 inches
14.85 pounds
Included itemsnone
*1 year warranty
Amazon stars5/5
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Third generation 2007-2012

honda crv ac compressor
About the 60-81204RK by BuyAutoPart there’s really nothing bad to say. The kit includes all the typically additional items. the price is reasonable and the Amazon’s costumer satisfication rate is very high.

honda crv ac compressor

Manufactured byBuyAutoParts
FitHonda CRV 2007-2012
check fit here
Dimensions17 pounds
14.5x12.5x10.5 inches
Included itemsPAG oil, clutch, reciever drier, sealing kit and more.
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Third & forth generation 2007-2015

1. The first compressor by UNIVERSAL AIR CONDITIONING comes with a kit that includes also PAG oil, sealing kit, and more helpful accesories. With 30 pounds, The pack is relatively big, however,  it contains more than just compressor.

2. The 60-86729R4 kit includes only one items apart of the AC compressor itself, however, it’s much lighter than the previous kit. 

honda CRV AC compressorhonda crv ac compressors
Dimensions30 pounds16 pounds
13x11x15 inches
fit 2006-2015 Honda CRV
check fit here
2006-2012 Honda CRV
Included itemsDrier, PAG oil, sealing kit, Drier
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General speaking, the AC comrpessors above are all may fit also with other models by Honda brand. However, if you looking for a different model, you may find the following links helpful:
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