Honda Civic AC compressor reviews

We have made for you a short list of the best AC compressors for last three generations of Honda Civic, including the Hybrid models.

Honda Civic – one of the most popular car models of the last 4 decades. With 10 generations since 1972, Honda Civic is a general name for many different car models, not including the Hybrid model, which is defined as a completely different model. Let’s check the following AC compressors:

honda civic


Sixth generation 1996-2001
CO 3057AC A/C Compressor by UAC

The company is one of the biggest among cars parts manufactoring, since 1988. They provide
cars parts and specialized in air conditioning for trucks. The 3057AC compressor is one of the only compressors that still fit the last Civic generation before the millennium. However, it does a great job in keeping your car’s inner space temperature.

Manufactured byOAC
FitHonda Civic 1996-2001 check fit here
Dimensions14.25 pounds
Included itemsclutch, pulley and coil

honda civic ac compressor

Honda civic ac compressor

Seventh generation 2001-2005
CO 4914AC A/C Compressor by UAC


The CO 4914AC A/C Compressor is one of the most popular product on Amazon for this category, as it fit a vast range of car models, including Honda Civic.

Manufactured byUAC
FitHonda Civic 2001-2005
Check fit here
Dimensions14.5 pounds
Included itemsclutch, pulley & coil, shipping oil

honda civic ac compressor

honda civic ac compressor


Eighth generation 2006-2011
AC compressor by Comfort Auto

Comfort Auto part is a new company from Texas U.S. In only 7 years the company has brought itself to the top of the auto parts manufacturers list.

Manufactured byComforst Auto
FitHonda civic 2006-2011
check fit
Dimensions17 pounds
Included itemsclutch, pulley & coil

honda civic ac compressor


Honda civic ac compressor

Ninth generation 2011-2016
BuyAutoParts 60-03527NA New

BuyAutoParts, the big company for San Diego, California, is among the world’s leaders parts company.
The 60-03527NA is a special AC comrpessor for the ninth generation of the Civic model, even though it might unmatch your car model. In order to make sure it does, click the link and use the Fit checker of Amazon.

honda civic ac compressor


Manufactured byBuyAutoParts
FitHond civic 2011-2016 check fit here
Dimensions16 pounds
8X8X12 inches
Included itemsNew clutch , pulley and oil


Honda Civic Hybrid
60-81362RK New by BuyAutoParts 

Honda civic hybrid ac compressor


The Hybrid model of Honda Civic is relatively new line and hence, there’s no too many compressor that fit to it. However, from my searching after the best Hybrid Compressor I’v found the 60-81362RK. Apart of very good quality and great comments, the kit inlclude many items and tools to make sure you have everything and nothing is missing.

Manufactured byBuyAutoParts
fitHonda Civic Hybrid
Check fit here
Dimensions16 pounds
Included itemsclutch, accumulator, receiver drier ,desiccant , expansion device, specific o-ring seal kit , correct viscosity PAG oil



honda civic ac compressor

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