Ford Mustang AC compressor 1992-2004 comparison

Find here the best AC Compressor for your fourth generation Ford Mustang.

Ford Mustang. My favorite car model, and one on the most Iconic car models in the history. The production of the car started at 1964, and is still on today with six generations of manufacturing.
The name “Mustang” was given as an inspiration from the WW2 fighter jet.
In the fourth generation of the Ford Mustang, the engineers has made a significant change in the design for the first time after 15 years, when trying to implant design hints of the first model of the car.

1.60-01255NA AC CompressorFord mustang ac compressor

The first AC compressor on this comparison is a premium quality product by BuyAutoPart – one of the leading companies for parts in the USA. The product has got only good reviews, and the Amazon’s satisfication rate is 5/5 which is the highest rate of course so there’s no bad things to say about this product. The kit includes a new clutch, pulley and coil, and some mounting points, in order to make assembling easier for self replacment.

ford mustang ac compressor



2. 60-80218RK AC compressor ford mustang ac compressor

The next compressor is manufactured by BuyAutoParts as well. The reviews are good and the satisfication rate for this product is only a bit lower with 4.2 stars, which I don’t consider as a significant difference.
The real advantage of this kit is the included items which makes the self-assembling much easier. The kit includes, apart of clutch, pulley & coil also new accumulator, drier, expamsion device, sealing kit, PAG oil and more.
This AC compressor in particular fits only with V6 engine models of the fourth generation, as the manufacturer claims.

ford mustang ac compressor


3. COMFORT AUTO AC compressor


ford mustang ac compressor

The last compressor comes from the factories of COMFORT AUTO which also consider to be one the biggest American parts companies. The advantage of this product in comparison to the others is the 1 year warranty, which can be helpful is some cases. However, according to the reviews, the product is very likely to fit well.
The included items in this kit are clutch, pulley & coil.

ford mustang ac compressor
 Ford mustang ac compressorford mustang ac compressorford mustang ac compressor
Product60-01255NA80218RKCOMFORT AUTO AC compressor
Mnufactured ByBuyAutoPartsBuyAutoPartsCOMFORT AUTO
fitsFord Mustang 1992-2004 Check fit hereFord Mustang 1992-2004 v6 Check fit hereFord Mustang 1992-2004 v6 check fit here
Dimensions15 pounds
12 x 8 x 8 inches
18 pounds
12.1 x 9.6 x 11.5 inches
18 pounds
12 x 12 x 12 inches
Included ItemsClutch, pulley & coil.Clutch, pulley & coil. Accumulator, drier, expansion device, sealing kit, PAG oilClutch, pulley & coil.
Price View price on AmazonView price on AmazonView price on Amazon

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