Ford Focus 2010 AC Compressor (2008-2011 US)

Find here the best AC Compressors in the market for you Ford Focus 2010

Ford Focus is probably one of the most popular compact cars for the last twenty years. The first car has been created in 1998 in a try to make it become a worldwide compact car. 20 years later, and more than 3 generations of production,and it seems like the Ford Focus is still here, and for many years to come.

Ford Focus 2008-2011 US-spec

In 2008, Ford’s designers has took a different path for the North American Focus. For the next 3 years, till 2011 and the end of the second generation, Ford Focus North America is classified almost as a different model. The impromvents that has been done with that vehicle made this car to be the most common Ford’s vehicle on the roads of America.

In the next article we’re going to meet three of the best AC compressors for Ford Focus 2010 & Ford Focus 2008-2011 North America in general.

Ford Focus 2010


The first AC Compressor is an OEM compressor packed by BuyAutoParts company. The kit is pretty equipped and contains every single accessory that is needed for the replacment process. Apart of clutch, pulley & coil that included on almost any Compressors kits, you can also find accumulator, drier, PAG oil, sealing kit and more.

ford focus ac compressor


2. 60-02164NAFord Focus 2010

The next AC compressor is also made by BuyAutoParts company (spoiler: the third one aslo). The reason why I decided to bring this part into the list is because this kit doesn’t include so many accessories like the others .This kit is perfect for those of you who already have the additional items that BuyAutoParts usually add to their kits. In that case, you don’t have to expend extra money by buying only the part itself.

ford focus ac compressor

3. 60-81780RK 

Ford Focus 2010

As always, The best for the end. The last kit is manufactured by BuyAutoParts as well (as I spoilered before). The  60-81780RK kit includes a brand BuyAutoParts compressor, so it’s 100% guaranteed to fit your vehicle.
The additional items in this kit includes every single piece you’ll ever need to accomplish a compressor’s exchange.

ford focus ac compressor

Sepicfication and comparison table:
 Ford Focus 2010Ford Focus 2010Ford Focus 2010
Manufactured byBuyAutoPartsBuyAutoPartsBuyAutoParts
FitFord Focus 2008-2011 US-spec Check fit hereFord Focus 2008-2011 US-spec Check fit hereFord Focus 2008-2011 US-spec Check fit here
Dimensions14 pounds
13x11x15 inches
15 pounds
7x8x11 inches
14 pounds
13x11x15 inches
Included itemsAccumulator, drier, expansion device, PAG oil, sealing kit. Clutch, pulley & coilClutch, Pulley & coilAccumulator, drier, expansion device, PAG oil, sealing kit. Clutch, pulley & coil
PriceView price on AmazonView price on AmazonView price on Amazon


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