Dodge Caravan 2005 AC Compressor review

Find here a suitable compressor for your Dodge Caravan 2005, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007

Few facts about Dodge Grand Caravan:

With five generations of production, Dodge Caravan is one of the best sellers of Dodge company. The Caravan model indeed being saled under Dodge brand but it’s actually manufactured in Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles. In addition to this fact, outside of North America the Dodge Caravan is marketed as “Chrysler voyager”.
The Caravan 2005 belongs to the fourth generation of production (2001-2007) The car is infact a 4 door minivan. People tend to think that the “Grand Caravan” is an alternate name for the same model, infact, the Dodge Grand Caravan (as we can conclude from it’s name) is a bigger in size than the simple Dodge Caravan.

UAC Caravan AC compressor
caravan 2005

The first AC compressor to introduce is produced by UAC company.
The first thing that catch your eyes as always is the 4.6 stars on Amazon, which is almost the best rate that a product can get for costumers satisfication. So we have an insurance for the good quality of the product, but what about included items?  Some parts are essential if one want to replace it’s AC compressor by his own.
The UAC’s kit comes with:
New clutch pulley & coil are included. The specification adds that shipping oil might be included, for maintaining the AC compressor while being shipped, but not in every case.

dodge caravan ac compressor


Roadstar Caravan AC compressor

caravan 2005 ac compressor

The second AC comrpessor of this compriasion is sold by MT-Roadstar, but it is manufactured by UAC as well. Infact, the AC compressor itself is the same, hence for quality considerations we can say generally that we expect for the same. The product don’t have any rating for Amazon costumers satisfication yet, so it’s not popular like the previous one.
The included items of this product are many, ensuring that you wouldn’t face any problem doing the replacment by yourself. new bearing, seals and gaskets all included in additional to clutch pulley and coil.

dodge caravan ac compressor


RYC AC compressor GG374

caravan 2005

Our last product there’s not much to add. With no reviews on Amazon it’s popularity is not really exists, and the included items are few (clutch and oil). I decided to add this product to the table anyways, in order to make it easier to see the avantages and disadvantages of each product.

dodge caravan ac compressor
 caravan 2005caravan 2005
Manufactured byUACUAC (not confirmed)R&Y
FitDodge Caravan 2001-2007
Check fit here
Dodge Caravan 2001 - 2007
Grand Caravan 2001- 2005
check fit here
Dodge caravan 2001-2007 check fit here
Dimensions16.05 pounds
11x8x8 inches
-15 pounds
Included itemsClutch, pulley and coil.Clutch, pulley and oil bearing, seals, gasketsClutch and oil
PriceView price on AmazonView price on AmazonView price on Amazon

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