Dodge Durango AC Compressor Review

Find here the best AC Compressors for your Dodge Durango 1997-2007

Dodge Durango is one of the leading models of Dodge company with third generations of production since 1997 and till today. The first two generations (97′-07′) are quite similar, but the third and last generation is built on a Jeep Grand Cherokee platform so it’s machanics is a bit different.

First generation – 1997 – 2001
dodge durango ac compressorECCPP AC Compressor CO 4785C


ECCPP is an Autoparts company from California. The CO 4785c AC compressor is an universal part for few different models of Dodge, including the Durango. The Amazon’s customers satisfication rate for that product is 4.5 out of 5, and the comments are very positive. ECCPP have added also few items to the kit, including new clutch, pulley & coil. Some kits includes even more items , however, you will probably get your AC back again after using this product anyways.

Manufactured byECCPP
FitDodge Durango 3.9L, 5.2L, 5.9L 1998-2001
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Dimensions16.65 pounds
11x7.1x8.3 inches
included items-
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dodge durango ac compressor

Dodge DurangoFirst generation – 2002-2003 AUTEX AC Compressor

The next AC compressor by AUTEX is aslo a universal part for few different Dodge models. Unlike the previous one, there is no included items, but a warranty for 12 months.



Manufactured byAUTEX
FitAll engines of Dodge Durango 2002-2003.
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Dimensions17.7 pounds
Included items-
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dodge durango ac compressor

Second generation – 2003-2007
60-80310RK AC Compressor
durango ac compressor

The next AC compressor by BuyAutoParts is the first compressor in the list that comes with some included items within the kit. In the kit you will find, apart of the compressor, a new clutch, accumulator,  drier, expansion device, complete sealing kit and PAG oil. There’s not much to add for this one. BuyAutoParts is probably one of the best companies in this play ground and high quality is promised.

Manufactured byBuyAutoParts
fitDodge Durago 2003-2007
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Dimensions19 pounds
Included itemsClutch, Accumulator, expansion device, seal kit, PAG oil
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dodge durango ac compressor

In conclusion

All the three AC compressors will do a great job for sure. The factories have a very strict quality supervision, and the parts are tested before being sold. The only thing you have to make sure is the suitablity issue. Use the links above to check fit with Amazon’s “check fit” tool.

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