How to choose the best AC compressor for your car

While more and more people asking, it seems like a good timing to write a guide that explains step by step how to choose AC compressor

AC compressor. We don’t even know that it’s exists till we’re melting in the car in the middle of July. The conditioner still produce some air, but it’s far from being cold air. Maybe it’s time to change the Air Conditioner Compressor.

I’m not going to talk further about how an AC compressor works. It can be a bit complicated and useless for the regular costumer. For the obstinate one’s insisting to learn how it works, I added a 1 minute YouTube video that pretty much explains the whole thing:

The compressor hence, is essential for the AC system. I a case of a broken or an old AC compressor, the only solution is to change the compressor. There’s two options – take your vehicle to the garage, or do it by yourself. We have discussed it further in this article  but i’ll sum it up by saying that self-replacement is much cheaper.
Many people afarid to deal with the mechanics of their vehicle so they take the car to the garage, but they are still buying the AC compressor independently. This option can save a lot of money either.

How to choose the best AC compressor

The first thing that we have to make clear before digging inside – there’s no such a thing as “best compressor”. We are not looking for the best compressor. All the compressor (at least in this site) are manufactured by the leading companies in the market. Quality is not even a question. Our new keyword is “suitability”.

Make sure it fits your vehicel model

Every car model has a different matching AC compressor. Somtimes one Compressor can fit more than one model, but in most of the cases, we will meet compressors that fits only few specific production years of a certain model.

So the first and most major and important thing is to make sure the AC compressor can fit our car.
How it can be done properly?

1.Use the search by brand tool to focus your searching on a specific model. The articles in this site offers few different AC compressors kits for every car model.

2. Check the Amazon product page, and use the “Check fit” tool on Amazon. This tool is extreamly accurate, and can tell if the AC compressor will fit your car depends on it’s model, trim, engine, year and more.

3. There are few tools around the internet that can help you find a proper AC Compressor. Some of them are really good, but not so helpful because they are not offering an online buying option, and the compressors that does exists on purchasing sites like Amazon, are mostly different.

Make sure the brand is trustable

The next thing we want to make sure is the brand of the AC compressor, or the manufacturer. As I mentioned before, in this site all the compressors I’m reviewing are made by reputated and trustable companies. I any other case, when I’m reviewing a AC compressor by unknown company, I take care to mention that.

There’s few rules of thumb you can use to make sure the compressor’s company is trustable:
1. They offer time limited warranty.
2. They include basic items like clutch, pulley and coil within the kit.
3. The attribute pictures are in very low quality:
Both pictures were taken from a different product pages on Amazon. I don’t think I should explain which of the products is more trustable and why.

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Those rules are not necessarily correct for every situation, but you can difinitely use it cautiously.

Included items

The last thing we want to give attention when choosing an AC compressor is the included items.
For most of the cases, we don’t have to many choises, and our car model will have only 1 matching AC compressor kit. Somtimes we have few different kits that can suit our car model.
The more equipped the kit is, the better. Every included item can save you from the worst scenario.

If you decided to replace the compressor in the garage, make sure first that your mechanic can provide the essential items: Accumulator, drier, sealing kit and PAG oil. If he doesn’t, try to pick an AC compressor kit that include these parts.


The average price of an AC compressor kit can change drastically depends on the manufacturer, the included items and the purchasing method. A reasonable price for the AC compressor body itself might range from 150 to 200 dollars. However, when buying a well equipped kit, 300 dollars can be a reasonable price.
A product that cost less than 100 dollars should turn on a red light.

In conclusion:

When looking for a new AC compressor, whether you decide to replace it by yourself or take it to the garage, you should make sure the following:
1. The product suits your car model.
2. The brand is trustable.
3. All the essential items are included.
4. The price is reasonable.


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