How to replace an AC compressor

When it comes to AC compressor replacement in the car we find out that not all of us know how to deal with car’s mechanics. The next article contains every piece of information you’ll ever need in order to accomplish the replacment by yourself.

Why is it better to replace the AC compressor by yourself?

Save time and money. The process itself is not too long at all, and the money you’ll save is significant.

Any preliminary knowledge is needed?
No. It’s always good to have some background in cars and engines before approaching to the toolbox, however, the next videos has been created for people with zero background in veihcles and mechanics.

Any special equipment is needed?

Yes. You’ll have to use a Vacuum pump to measure pressure in the engine. If you alreay have one, great. If you dont have any, you can find here one. Notice that –  taking all the expenses into account, it’s still cheaper to do it by yourself.
Socket set – if you have already considered replacing the compressor by yourself, you probably own a socket set already. If you don’t have one, you can find here a perfect kit.

Steps before you start:

– Do a check to see if your compressor is located in a comfortable location. In some cars, the compressor is sitting above the engine. In other cars, the compressor might be buried somewhere beneath the engine, and approaching might be way more difficult. Use this test to decide whether you should go to the garage or do it by yourself.
* In both cases you might be able to approach it by yourself.

compressor ac
The compressor is very approachable. In other car (like and truck in the video) it may not be that easy

– Some of the compressors are shipped with the oil already filled in, but not always. Make sure your compressor contain oil before replacing it.

Safety before everything

– During the AC compressor exchange process you may come into contact with hazardous materials. Keep the safety instructions of every product you work with.
– In the scenario when the location of the compressor is difficult to reach, you’ll might have to remove one of the front wheels in order to allow access to it. You can use a short toturial to do it safely.
– The engine belt is very tense and hence, you’ll need to use some power to take it off.
Apart of this, of course, make sure that you turned off your engine before get into work.

So the next video is a very detailed toturial. The guy shows carefully how to exchange the AC compressor using the tools mentioned above. He also explains how to detect the problem in the AC system, and how to approach to different problems. (Credit to Chrisfix)

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